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Introducing Temptress.

Temptress is a team of passionate, dynamic and very sexy young ladies will assist you in your senses exploration journey. We offer top-class sensual massage both in our private upmarket apartments and in 5-star only hotels in CBD Cape Town, Green Point and Century City.  The Temptress ladies specialize in sense stimulation. They will guide you to experience the most erotic feelings on your whole body through the five senses, with your sensual pleasure as the ultimate goal. All ladies are trained uniquely with our signature Body2body slides.  


Massage Treatment Procedure


In house:

Temptress ladies practice good hygiene, and so is expected from our clients.

When you arrive at the venue, the space/apartment will be clean and awaiting your arrival.

The ladies will have already showered, so will be expected of you to take a shower before the treatment.


Temptress ladies will arrive to your location alone (Temptress Voyage) or with another lady (Temptress en equipe).

The therapist(s) will be dressed causally and exercise discretion.

The purpose of the therapist(s)' visit will not be disclosed with any third party.

Before the therapist(s) arrive, you will be required to have taken a fresh shower before her arrival.

When she arrives, she will have taken a fresh shower and she will begin with explaining the procedure of treatment and then setting up the bed. 

The 5 reasons to choose Temptress

Five reasons
  1. Temptress understands and recognizes needs of every individual. Our therapists are trained to tweak treatments to clients' needs.

  2. We offer discreet Service. Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times.

  3. All our therapists have their own unique way of performing the massage and also their own sensual way of touching your entire body using their different parts of the body.

  4. You can be assured with Temptress that you will experience an unrushed full body affectionate and sensual massage.

  5. We expect our ladies and clients to treat each other with mutual confidence and respect at all times.

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