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massage for women


Temptress Seduction

Massage for Women

Temptress Sensual Massage for women is a combination of different types of massage, Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage & Sensual Massage.

The massage treatment is a Full Body Sensual Massage all over your body, with both you & your masseur/ masseuse being in the complete nude during the massage treatment.

Your masseuse will rub & slide her gorgeous, oily body on yours with our signature Body2Body Massage during the massage treatment, giving you the ultimate body slides massage experience. 

You may also touch your masseuse/ masseur while she/he is giving your a massage.

An option to massage your masseuse/ masseur during the treatment is open to your desires.

The massage treatments ends with a bit more fun time for you.

Please note:

  • masseuses/ masseurs determine their own boundaries 

  • masseuses/ masseurs do not offer any sex nor oral sex during massage treatment 

Sensual Massage:

The massage treatment requires you to be open minded, open hearted with no judgment as it will allow you to explore your body in a sensual way

Sensual Massage incorporates the senses of touch to the whole body by using hands & body to stimulate the body.

Unscented coconut oil is used in this treatment which allows the masseuse to slide her hands & rub her bodies on yours with flow & smoothness.

Softer stroke variants to sooth & relax the body.

Rates: single/ duo

60 minutes: R1250/ R2000

90 minutes: R1800/ R2650

120 minutes: R2350/ R3400

Yoni Massage & Prostate Massage:

The massage treatment begins with you lying on your stomach, exposing back side of your body.

After your rear body & buttocks have been massaged with a bit of touch & play, your masseuse/ masseur will turn you around & you will lie on your back.

Massage continues, slowly transforming from whole body massage to deep focus & stimulation of erogenous zones.

This massage treatment requires you to be fully relaxed as feel & accept the pleasure of receiving & enjoying the process.

Rates: single/ duo

60 minutes: R1450/ R2450

Duo/ Four Hands Massage

The massage treatment consist of two masseurs or masseurs spending luxurious amount of time giving your whole body an Erotic Massage experience.

This treatment is a complete Sensual Massage experience with oily Body2Body Massage rubs & slides.

Duo/ Four Hands Massage is an extremely visually stimulating experience as you will have the pleasure to be pampered by beautiful Temptress Enticers.

What to expect on arrival:

You can expect to be greeted by a friendly Temptress Enticer at our Private, Discreet Apartment.

Temptress Masseuses/ Masseurs practice good hygiene & so is expected from our clients.

When you arrive at the venue, the space/ apartment will be clean and disinfected & awaiting your arrival.

Your masseuse/ masseur will have already showered, so will be expected of you to take a shower before the treatment.

A mask is worn at all times during the massage treatment, if you d not have a mask, your masseuse/ masseur will offer you one.

Your masseuse/ masseur will make you feel comfortable & walk you through massage procedure to make you feel at ease. 

Payment: *Cash only. Please arrange prior the massage treatment if you would prefer an alternative payment option.

We do accept foreign currency (please let us know prior massage treatment if you wish to pay with FCY).


Bookings: Our masseuses/ masseurs need +45 minutes notice for each appointment. Please book ahead to ensure you get time with your preferred masseuse/ masseur.

There is an option of your masseuse/ masseur accommodating at your private resident, guest house or hotel room for home service massage.

Mobile Massage R1750/ 60 minutes

Temptress Enticers also caters for couples that are looking for a fun, naughty experience.

Couples Massage R2000/ 60 minutes

Please note:

  • masseuses/ masseurs determine their own boundaries.

  • masseuses/ masseurs do not offer any sex nor oral sex during massage treatment .


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